Kevin Trappeniers develops a stilled, visual and physical theatrical language in detailed, sensate work at the intersection of theatre, dance and visual arts. He creates mainly wordless performances where acting, lighting, sound, body and scenography are equally important.

Trappeniers' research in 2017, "Groepsvordering/Class-action" focuses on miscommunication and researches the visual possibilities of the theatre space as architecture without performers, and the tranfer of a scenographic sculpture made for the black box to the public space while keeping the social, temporary aspect of theatre.
Trappeniers works during residencies in Kaap, C-Takt, Workspace Brussels and the Summer Academy of Music Theatre Platform Ghent (LOD, De Bijloke, KASK & Spectra).
The research is supported with a research grant by the Flemish government and the Flemish Community Commission Brussels.

Asymptote (2015) is a visual theatre performance project that stems from a research residency conducted and accompanied by arts works space L’L. The piece was supported and presented throughout Belgium.

Another project from that originated from that research residency is the dance performance Selfed. In 2014, Trappeniers worked on it in TAKT Dommelhof (Belgium) and with Plesni Teater Ljubljana (Slovenia). The reworked piece was presented as physical theatre during TAKT Festival #17 in 2015.

Parallel to this, Trappeniers works as a freelance performer: a.o. in the performances/installations of the "Saturn" series by Karl Van Welden (United Planets), "Cinérama" and  the series "Monster!" by Abattoir Fermé, the exhibition dance performance "Who Makes Paintings Anyway?" with Lies Borgermans, Sara Tan and Thomas Vantuycom, "The Wind Egg Project" by Haseeb Ahmed and Egle Budvytytes‘ exhibition choreographic piece "Skateboard Prayer, or Head below the Heart".